COVID-19 Response

On this page you will find our most up to date information on our COVID-19 response as a church. We will continue to update this page in the future as our restrictions on meeting are lifted and things change.

Latest Updates

Dear Vine Family,

Pastor Travis and our executive team have taken some time to pray and think through the process of reopening the church for regular services.  Our heart is to be in step with The Holy Spirit, to honor government authorities and honor our Vine family.

We have introduced a section in the far left side of our auditorium with extra space between seats, for those who prefer to physically distance. Masks and gloves are available at the reception area near the front door, for those that would feel safer wearing them, and hand sanitizer can be found throughout the church.

We will not:

  • We will not pass the offering or hand out bulletins
  • We will not require you to wear a mask to be in the building – however you are welcome to wear them if you would prefer

We will:

  • We will clean surfaces, bathrooms and other items between each service.
    Be serving refreshments, with our hospitality team wearing gloves and masks
  • We will clean extra in kids areas
  • We will honor everyone who comes to the church and welcome them as family like we always do.
  • We will worship together, pray together and study God’s word together as we come back together as a church body.

We encourage those of you who are 65 or older or high risk to consider staying home if that’s what is best for you. However, we are not going to turn you away if you do decide to come. That’s your decision to make. We hope to see you all soon!